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Gift Articles - 18th Birthday Presents

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

18th Birthday Presents

Are you having trouble finding great gift ideas on for 18th birthdays? If so, let us help you out with this article, which contains the best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for your own, or a friend’s 18th birthday.

Our aim is to find you the perfect gift ideas for 18th birthdays – it doesn’t matter whether you wish to spend your birthday with friends, family or with a partner, we have some fabulous suggestions showing you the best ways to celebrate your 18th birthday in style with fabulous gifts.

When it comes to thinking about 18th birthday gift ideas, there are many things that could spring to mind – the first one being unique, fun or unusual 18th birthday presents. We have recently added LOADS of 18th birthday gifts to our range of presents for you to choose from including personalised 18th birthday gifts. You might also be deciding to celebrate with a party or some activities, you will find a nice long list here on the best ideas for 18th birthday parties and 18th birthday activities too!

If you have recently celebrated your 18th birthday or are about to and have got more ideas to add, we’d love to hear about them. Email us at enquiries(at), to share them with us and the world to give others fabulous 18th birthday ideas.

To begin with, let’s think about gifts: An 18th birthday is one of the first landmark birthdays in adulthood, so giving an 18th gift that is special and thoughtful is vital. Obviously, it’s worth taking into account the hobbies and interests of the 18 year old. If he’s a man and he’s into sports, then personalised sporting gifts might be a nice idea, if he’s a "man’s man," then how about an engraved tankard or an engraved hip flask? If you are looking for 18th birthday gift ideas for her, and if she is a little vain, then engraved compact mirrors might be a nice gift idea. In addition to these gifts related to their interests, why not go for personalised 18th birthday champagne to help get the party started, or some personalised 18th birthday wine to share with friends or family? There are lots of ideas for 18th birthday gifts online to choose from.

Other 18th Birthday Gift Ideas:

Gifts for Him and For Her 18th Birthday

- A bottle of vintage champagne from the year they were born.
- An iTunes voucher, or other store gift card.
- A cheque for £18, £180 or £1,800 if they’re really lucky!
- 18 small gifts gifted throughout the day, but make sure you save the best until last.
- 18 x £1 coins stuck on a card written out as the number '18'
- Give 18 bottle gifts including wine, champagne and sambuca for example that they can open throughout their 18th birthday year or during their 18th birthday party.
- 18 Lucky Dips from the National Lottery or 18 scratch cards – you never know, they might win big!
- 18 packets of their favourite personalised retro sweets.
- A car, if you have the cash and want to spoil the 18 year old, then take them car shopping!
- For simple 18th birthday gift ideas, how about a £10 and £5 note along with a £2 and £1 coin inside a card?

Gifts for Her 18th

- Buy some jewellery, such as a necklace, bracelet or ring containing her birthstone. - Buy 18 of her favourite flowers and add a birthday helium balloons, which last for up to a week!

Whether you give personalised 18th birthday gifts, funny or unusual 18th birthday presents. Make sure they are thoughtful! Hopefully some of the 18th birthday gift ideas above give you plenty of inspiration and don’t forget, if you have any additional ideas that you would like to share with others, let us know!

Date posted: 15/09/2011

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18th Birthday Engraved Champagne Glass with Glitter Butterfly
Star rank:
Shirley Rush (04/11/2013)
Engraved Pink Champagne
The champagne present made my daughters friends day. Thank you.
Star rank:
Doris (20/09/2013)
Rose Engraved Wine
Bottle of wine very nice,engraving done to a good standard. not only just for the ladies. suitable for anyone who like rose wine.
Star rank:
Spikey (20/08/2012)
18th Birthday Bottle Box
Star rank:
A customer (07/05/2012)
18th Birthday Champagne Glass Purple
My daughter was so pleased with this glass. It will be something for her to keep and look back on in years to come. The quality was exceptional.
Star rank:
Angela Suggett (02/03/2012)

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