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Ideas for 21st Birthday

21st Birthday Ideas To Make This Landmark Birthday Rock!

Do you know someone who is turning 21 soon, perhaps a boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, friend or family member? If so, and you would like to do something really special to help celebrate their 21st birthday. Then check out our Ideas For 21st Birthday below, which includes tips and suggestions for 21st birthday presents, along with 21st party themes and ideas to help celebrate the occasion and make it as special as possible.

21st Birthday Present Ideas

Buying 21st Birthday Presents for guys and girls on their 21st birthday can quite often be tricky. They are at an age where they are classed as adults within society, but in certain respects, they may still have the tastes or characteristics of someone younger, especially if they are at college or University. For this reason, we recommend choosing 21st birthday presents that are a little bit quirky, with a novelty factor, such as personalised 21st birthday champagne and upload a photograph and add your message to a label. Alternatively, if you are searching for luxury 21st birthday gifts to celebrate in real style, then a bottle of engraved champagne might be an even better gift idea. If the 21 year old has a sweet tooth, then a jar of personalised 21st birthday retro sweets might be a fun a novelty 21st gift idea that can be shared, but will definitely be remembered!

21st Birthday Party Themes

Every birthday party needs a theme! A theme idea pulls together the whole event and helps with planning. A theme is also a lot of fun and lets the birthday person know that thought and care went into a special celebration just for them. Now, whilst researching 21st birthday party themes, I came across lots of average party themes including Couples Through History, a Toga Party, Heaven and Hell, as well as a Hard Rock Cafe or a Goodies and Baddies themed party. If you are looking for fancy dress themes, then you could consider any of the following fancy dress themes:

1. The Letter of the Alphabet Party
If you are looking for a 21st birthday party theme that allows people to be creative, then choose a letter to base the theme on – if your name begins with S for example, use this as the letter that everyone needs to be themed around. For the letter S, how about Sherlock Holmes, Sylvester Stalone, Scooby Do, Shakira and Superman for example.

2. Superheroes
Get everyone to come dressed up as their favourite superhero – it could be Superman, Superwoman, The Hulk or He-man for example. You could also run a competition for best superhero if lots of friends or family members come dressed up as the same superhero for some added fun!

3. Hoes and Bros
This is a little bit of a risqué theme that allows your guests to dress up in their shortest skirts or highest heels and as much make up as they see fit. It’s also great for guys to dress up as their alter ego!

4. Charity Clobber
Why not have a little fun and save some pennies by buying your whole outfit from a charity shop? You could set a price limit and your guests have to buy their whole outfit (shoes and accessories included) from your local charity shop and see who comes dressed the best and see what wonderful delights they find! This one is a really fun idea and a great way to keep the costs of costumes down!

5. Uniforms
A classic theme that is well loved, men and women enjoy seeing the other sex dress up in a uniform, whether it be sailors, Navy, firemen, nurses or air hostesses this is a fun theme that will create lots of entertainment for your 21st.

6. What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
This party theme is perfect for 21st birthdays, because quite often the sky is still the limit. This theme will allow you to learn lots more about your family and friends and quite often bring about a few surprises!

7. Favourite Films Stars
This theme is another classic, which allows your guests to come dressed as their favourite film star or character. They could pick something classy, such as James Bond or Lara Croft, or something more light hearted, such as Fred Flintstone or Homer Simpson. The options for this part theme really are endless and with the plethora of films coming out each week, there had better be a good excuse for not getting involved in dressing up!

8. Cowboys and Indians All you need for this one is a checked shirt and some denim, or a pair of cowboy boots and a head

If you think that a party and theme is not the best way to celebrate your loved ones birthday, then here are some idea for activities, which can be done in addition to a 21st birthday party or as an alternative.

21st Birthday Activities

1. Go to a theme park with a group of friends.
2. Go camping with your friends - choose somewhere close-by, or somewhere further afield for lots of fun!
3. Go abroad on a holiday for a long weekend or week.
4. Have a BBQ at a local lake, or outdoors area.
5. Stay in and have a takeaway meal.
6. Try an outdoor sport, such as windsurfing, sailing or jet skiing.
7. Get a couple of teams together and go to your nearest Laser Quest venue.
8. Go ice skating.
9. Book a concert to go to with friends
10. Go Paintballing.
11. Go for a Spa Day or Spa Weekend.
12. Skydiving.
13. Hot Air Balloon Ride.
14. Go to a Casino
15. For a 5* Dinner with friends and/or family.

Hopefully our 21st Birthday Presents, Party Themes and 21st Birthday Activities give you plenty of food for thought in order to make a 21st birthday really special for friends and family.

Date posted: 13/09/2011

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