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Gift Articles - Apr 2010

Why Choose A Personalised Photo Gift
Personalised Photo Gifts - they are the way forward. Why? I hear you ask! Well let me tell you. There is only so many times you can get someone a pair of socks or a bottle of wine from the supermarket before it gets a little bit boring. Now I realise that makes me sound pret...
Top 3 Champagne Gifts for Birthday Presents
Champagne is a pretty versatile drink, simply because it can be enjoyed at home in front of the sofa whilst watching your favourite episode of Desperate Housewives, with friends in the pub gardens at
Taking Time To Find A Good Birthday Gift
Gifts should mean something when you buy them for someone, there is no point buying a gift just because you have to, for a number of reasons. It's a waste of money and the recipient probably wont appreciate it because they will know that not alot of thought has gone into the gift. I firmly believe that if you are going to buy a gift for someone the...
The Perfect Photo Gift
Everyone loves photographs... we love taking them and we love looking at them. Maybe we don't always like to be in them but we definitely like them. So what better gift is there than something that combines both luxury and a photo gift?

Personalised Champagne Gifts15/04/2010
Champagne Flutes And Why They Are Good For Celebration
Why do we use champagne for celebration? And why are champagne flutes good for use when celebrating something special? For those of us who drink champagne is the perfect drink for celebration and as a present, a
But even as we get older we should still maintain the tradition of celebration and our frien...
The Birthday Photo Frame
Why do we give photo frames as birthday gifts?
Photo frames are a simple yet effective gift. Why? - because it is possible to capture a moment for always in a decorative surrounding.

The photo frame is the holding place for those special moments that you ...
We have lots of Champagne Gift Sets
As the title suggests we have lots of champagne gift sets. Possibly more than you would expect? Why is this? Well let me tell you why we have such a big range.

I would like to begin with a "little" story.... back in the day when Ford started to mass produce cars it was possib...
Get Married On Your Birthday
Why not get married on your birthday? - I think this is a great idea, especially for those of us who don't have the best memory. Me being one of those. I always remember my birthday and thus I guess I would always remember my wedding anniversary too!

Though this does sound a tad silly to some (it would complicate the process of buying 07/04/2010
Champagne is a good gift for Birthdays
Sometimes I find it really hard to buy gifts. Often because over the years I have bought my loved ones gifts that have wanted or gifts I know they would like and now I've got to the point where I have run out of ideas!!

From about 18 years old I think you can get away with buying alcohol for those people that drink. 18 is the legal age to ...
Choose Cristal Champagne As A Birthday Gift
What is so great about Cristal Champagne, and why you should choose Cristal Champagne as a Birthday Gift

Birthdays as I have mentioned before are very important to all of us whether we pretend they are or not. And our milestone birthdays are the one's that mean the most. I...
A history of Moet et Chandon
A history of the amazing company and champagne brand that is Moet et Chandon. Established in 1743 Moet et Chandon is based in Epernay, France. Which boasts about 500 hectares of vineyards that yields a yearly production of 26 million bottles.

In 1792 Jean ...
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