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Gift Articles - May 2010

Giant Birthday Beer Glasses Are Great Birthday Gifts
Are you bored of the same kinds of birthday gifts that are available? I know I get that way sometimes. I want to get something new and a bit different and I end up buying a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Probably the card I buy has more value. But there is only one so many times that you ca...
21st Birthday Gift Ideas
The population of the UK grows by approximately 300,000 people a year, and as far as birthdays are concerned, it can sometimes seem that all these newcomers are somehow related to you. If you think about all your friends, your partner, colleagues and other acquaintances and you end up with a lot of birt...
Birthday Gifts For Friends
Put your hands up who is guilty of taking the lazy option when it comes to buying gifts for friends? If you've ever stopped at the supermarket for a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates en route to mark a friend's birthday or other special occasion, you need to put your hand up. Or if you are that friend who has completely forg...
Say Happy Birthday With Champagne Flutes
Engraved Champagne Flutes are a great Birthday Gift because they are simple, stylish and in all honesty how many people do you know that have their own personalised eng...
Exciting 18th Birthday Gift Ideas
So its the big 18th Birthday and you need to sort out a birthday present. BUT WHAT TO GET??! For someone reaching their 18th birthday, it is a huge, momentous event. Of course, once you are past 18, it pales into insignificance; but admittedly, it is still a worthy occasion to celebrate. What would you consider to be the best 18th birthday gifts to...
Facts About Champagne
Learn about champagne here with our video outlining some interesting facts about champagne, which help in your search for the perfect birthday champagne gift.
If someone buys me a gift for my birthday this year then I want them to buy me a champagne gift. I know it's bad for me to say what I want to be given as a gift but I just know that I really like champagne and I think that it makes a great birthday gift and if I was getting a gift for the people that I care about then I would most probably get them...
Who Wants A Toaster For A Birthday Gift
I DO NOT WANT A TOASTER for my birthday this year and I'm sure the rest of the world doesn't either! So what to get someone that is really hard to buy for? How do you find the gift that has the wow factor and something that they will want to keep and something that will remind them of you each time they look at it? How do you find a gift like that?...
Champagne Flutes Are A Great Gift
As a company I believe that we have one of the largest ranges of engraved champagne flutes on the web. With 62 different flutes for all occasions there really is something for everyone. Whether its a birthday gift or just a thank you gift a champagne flute ...
If You Are Buying A Birthday Present Make It A Good One
I would like to discuss the need some people have to buy really naff presents. There have been loads of times when people have bought me a gift, and though I appreciate the fact they have bought me a gift, I don't appreciate the fact that I can tell from the gift that they haven't put any thought into it. I don't know why they do it. If you know yo...
18th Birthday Gifts with a Unique and Personalised Touch
Give 18th birthday gifts that are special and unique, such as personalised 18th birthday presents. Read this article for more ideas!
Top Five 18th Birthday Presents For A Girl
Your daughter, sister, granddaughter, best girlfriend or your girlfriend is about to turn 18. But what is a good 18th birthday gift for a girl?

An 18th birthday is a significant milestone in a young girl's life -- she is officially done with her turbulent ado...
A Couple of Good Lighter Tricks
So you've decided to buy a personalised lighter as a gift for one of your friends birthdays. However you don't just want to give them the lighter. Though you could have chosen to give them an engraved lighter or e...
What Is The Origin Of The Zippo Lighter
Zippo Lighters were developed by George G. Blaisdell. He founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932, and produced the first Zippo lighter in early 1933, being inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design. It got its name because Blaisdell liked the sound of the word “zipper” and “zippo” sounded more modern. On March 3, 1936, patent ...
Dads Are Hard To Buy Birthday Present For
Dad's are hard to buy for. Well my dad is. I always try and find him a unique birthday present, yet somehow I either buy him something that he already has or something that he doesn't want. And although he is enthusiastic and pretends that he likes my gift... I know he doesn't really! I need help. What do you get the man who has everything but want...
How To Make Your Own Birthday Photo Frame
Sometimes I get really fed up with those general gifts that people buy! Sometimes I want something a little bit different. I like the idea that people have taken the time to make me a gift, they have thought about it and put some effort into it. Those are the kinds of gifts that you remember.

So I think a fantastic gift idea would be to m...
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