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Engraved Birthday Gifts For Boys and Girls

Engraved Gifts

If you have to buy a birthday gift for a boy or girl then fear not we have a birthday present right here that they will love. The gift needs to be appropriate for their age, but also something thoughtful and special that they can treasure as a reminder of their special day. We recommend an engraved pen set, which they can treasure for a lifetime. Read on for more ideas related to engraved pens, as well as our top gift ideas for boys and girls...

Engraved Birthday Gifts for Boys

The birthday boy will probably be a young relative or the son of a close friend and so it will be a great idea to choose birthday boy gifts that is unusual, but unique and personal to him, something that says "happy birthday" in a special way. One idea is to personalise the birthday boys birthday gift by having it engraved.

Ideas for personalised birthday gifts for him include:

An engraved silver-plated Yo-Yo. This is a great gift as it can be kept for years to come. My granddad has a wooden yo-yo (albeit very used) that he got as a kid, even now he sometimes plays with it!
A personalised silver plated money box.
An engraved silver money box in the shape of a football or rugby ball.
Or, how about an engraved pen set?

Engraved Birthday Girl Gifts

No doubt the birthday girl will want to be the centre of attention on her big day - all little girls love dressing up and looking pretty! Show her how special she is by buying a birthday present that she can treasure for many years. A piece of personalised jewellery is one option, although do check with her parents first, some parents have strong views about children and jewellery. I wasn't allowed to wear anything but earrings as a kid.

Birthday girl gifts work best if they are personalised in some way. A little girl might also love an engraved silver-plated Yo-Yo, or you could buy her an engraved silver piggy bank, or a little mirror compact, sure to make her feel very grown up indeed! Another gift idea for girls could be a engraved pens, which if presented as part of a pen set will be another gift to help her feel very grown up.

Whatever birthday gift you buy the lucky boy or girl, just remember to think about the age and the sentiment that you are trying to convey. For that one day they are the centre of attention so make sure that the gift you buy them is special and shows them what they mean to you. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to buy a birthday gift for a child as many things go in and out of fashion. All I know is that if you get personalised engraved gifts, those are the kinds of gifts that are treasured and last through ages.

Date posted: 06/08/2010

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