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Engraved Gift Ideas

If you are looking for personalised birthday gifts, then give engraved gifts. There are hundreds of gift ideas to choose from including engraved lighters, engraved champagne, engraved wine and engraved compact mirrors and pens.

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Birthday Flutes
Give champagne glasses with a message as special, personalised birthday gifts. Over 45 birthday flutes to choose from.
Birthday Frames
Give one of our birthday frames with your own message as special personalised birthday gift ideas for friends and family.
Personalised Pint Glasses
Personalised Pint Glasses
Personalised Shot Glasses
Buy personalised shot glasses as novelty engraved gifts for birthday or as thank you presents for example.
Engraved Alcohol Gifts
Give personalised bottle gifts of alcohol as luxury engraved gifts including engraved champagne, wine, whisky, sambuca, port and vodka.
Engraved Champagne
Want a luxury Christmas champagne gift? These bottles of engraved champagne will be perfect - just add your personalised message straight on to the gl...
Engraved Champagne Flutes
Our gorgeous champagne glasses including engraved flutes for birthday, wedding, engagement and anniversary gifts.
Engraved Glasses
A range of beautiful engraved wine glasses, champagne flutes, engraved shot glasses, vodka and whisky glass gifts in gift boxes.
Engraved Keyrings
Give an engraved keyring as a small personalised gift for birthdays or as romantic gifts, just because. Free UK delivery.
Engraved Lighters
If you are looking for engraved lighters as personalised gifts, check out our range of 40 engraved lighters, Zippo lighters and novelty lighters.
Engraved Pens
Over 25 engraved pen gift sets to choose from with space for your personalised message - perfect engraved gifts for all special occasions.
Engraved Wine
Give a wine gift of engraved wine to friends, family and couples as a birthday present, thank you gift or anniversary present for example. Choose from...
Engraved Wine Glasses
See all of the engraved wine glasses we offer right here, all of which are presented in a gift box.
Engraved Zippo Lighters
A range of classy Zippo lighters and novelty Zippos as personalised gifts for him or for her.
Engraved Compact Mirrors
Give an engraved compact mirror as a personalised gift for her - perfect romantic gifts and birthday engraved gift ideas for women.
Engraved Hip Flasks
Engraved hip flask and personalised hip flask gifts in many styles with free engraving and free UK delivery.
Engraved Tankards
Give a personalised tankard as an engraved gift for birthday, to say thank you or as a congratulations present.
Engraved Trinket Boxes
Choose one of our engraved trinket boxes including silver trinket boxes and crystal trinket boxes as personalised engraved gifts for her.
Personalised Frames
Choose from over 50 engraved frames including birthday frames, anniversary picture frames and many more. Free UK delivery!
Personalised Money Boxes
Give engraved gifts such as one of our personalised money boxes for children, for him and for her as birthday gifts and thank you presents.
Engraved Brand Gifts
A selection of branded engraved gifts including Jack Daniels gifts and Guinness gift ideas personalised with your message.
Engraved Business Card Holders
Give an engraved business card holder as a personalised gift for business men and women.
Engraved Dog Tags
Engraved dog tags and personalised dog tags make unique personalised gifts with free engraving.
Engraved Letter Openers
Give an engraved silver letter opener as an unusual engraved gift for friends and family.
Guinness Gifts
If you are looking for personalised birthday gifts for friends and family then give a Guinness gift.
Jack Daniels Gifts
Engraved Gifts that are branded make special presents, see our range of Jack Daniels Gifts for friends and family who like to drink JD.
Personalised Clocks
Our personalised clocks make the best engraved presents for couples, as well as birthday gift ideas for friends and family.
Personalised Jewellery
Looking for engraved presents for her? If so one of our pieces of personalised jewellery might be the perfect gifts for her.
Engraved Bottle Boxes
Why not complete your bottle gift with one of our bottle gift boxes completed with your engraved message?
Engraved Decanters
Give an engraved decanter as a personalised thank you present, birthday gift or anniversary gift idea.
Engraved Gift Sets
Choose a luxury gift set from one of the range of engraved gift sets, which include wine sets and champagne gift sets
Engraved Golf Gifts
Looking for engraved gift ideas for golfers? Then see our range of personalised golf gifts here including tankards, hip flasks, lighters and gift sets...
Engraved Pocket Tools
Personalise one of our Pocket Tools as engraved gifts for him on his birthday, at Christmas or throughout the year.
Engraved Pocket Watches
Give Engraved Pocket Watches as engraved gifts for him, they make perfect wedding presents and birthday gifts too.
Engraved Yoyos
Engraved yo yos make fun, affordable and novelty engraved gifts for children and adults. Add your message to complete.
Personalised Puzzles
Give one of our personalised puzzles as engraved gifts for friends and family including wine puzzles, silver puzzle gifts and world puzzles.
Unusual Gifts
A range of engraved gifts, which we cannot fit into any other category! Engraved playing cards sets, magnifying glasses and more...
Wall Barometer Clocks
Send an engraved wall clock as personalised presents for couples who may have recently bought a new home.
Wedding Guest Books
Give a personalised wedding guest book as a personalised wedding gift for the bride and groom - add your message to complete!
Desktop Gifts
Choose a desktop gift for friends and family who spend time as a desk - over 20 engraved gifts to choose from for desks.
Engravable Cufflinks
Give engraved cufflinks in gift boxes as birthday gifts for him perfect for dad, grandad, uncle, boyfriend and husband.

Engraved Silver Gifts

Our range of silver engraved gifts includes ideas including engraved lighters, engraved cufflinks, as well as engraved business card holders, personalised keyrings, compact mirrors (which are wonderful and stylish presents for her), as well as personalised clocks, engraved pens, engraved photo frames and tankards too. There are also personalised money boxes and wedding certificate holders available to buy online too. All of our silver engraved gifts come with free UK delivery.

Engraved Lighters - Recently, we have increased our range of lighters to include plain lighters in a range of colours, as well as novelty lighters and Zippo lighters. You will find engravable gold lighters, personalized black lighters, blue lighters, red lighters and brass coloured lighters. The selection of engraved lighters also means you can buy brushed chrome zippo lighters, high polished chrome zippo lighters and solid brass zippo lighters. If you want an engraved lighter that is a little more funky, take a look at our novelty lighters or zippo lighters for family and friends. These presents make original personalised ideas for people who are very patriotic, use our engravable scottish flag zippo lighter, engravable welsh flag zippo lighter, engravable english flag zippo lighter and engravable union jack zippo lighters, as well as novelty engraved lighters, which are perfect for engraved birthday gifts for him or for her.

Engravable Cufflinks make perfect engraved gift ideas for birthday presents for any man. You can never have enough cufflinks! There are plenty of engraved cufflinks in silver, gold, satin and polished chrome to choose from, which are presented in a gift box and would suit any outfit and any manís style. If you are searching for engraved gifts for men, then cufflinks are certainly a great idea!

Business Card Holders - We offer a selection of engravable business card holders to choose from, which are ideal as business engraved gifts perfect as gift ideas for granddad, dad or uncle.

Dog Tags make fantastic and fun personalised gift ideas for animals and children. A personalised dog tag is something that children can use to pretend they are adults, we know they love dog tags!

Letter Openers are perfect engraved presents for grandparents, or friends and family who may receive lots of post.

Engraved Keyrings - Our range of personalised keyrings all come with free UK delivery. There are silver keyrings, a pen knife keyring, as well as puzzle keyrings to choose from, which make the perfect birthday presents for in-between birthdays or for friends and families who have an abundance of keys!

Engraved Compact Mirrors - Women (and even men nowadays) need to know that they look good, it has almost become a way of life in a many industries and social backgrounds. A personalised engraved compact mirror will remind the gift recipient of you every time it is used to apply make up, to re-apply makeup, kept in a handbag or used to check ones nose when itís cold outside! A really lovely engraved gift idea for her. Engraved Compact Mirrors come with free UK delivery and free engraving.

Engraved Champagne Gifts Engraved champagne is the perfect engraved gift for landmark birthdays or those special people in your life. For engraved champagne gifts you enter in your personalised message and choose whether you'd like the message to appear in gold or silver on the champagne bottle for a really premium look. Engraved bottles really do make perfect engraved gifts for friends and family who have something to celebrate. Add a set of engraved flutes and a gift box to create a luxury champagne gift set too! Engraved Wine Engraved wine is another engraved alcohol gift idea, whether it be for a mum, a dad, for him or for her. We have a range of rose, red or white wine (both every day drinking wines and fine wines, such as Barolo, Chablis and Chateauneuf Du Pape) to which you can add your message to. In a similar way to our engraved champagne gifts you can create engraved wine gifts by writing your personalised message on to the front face of a wine bottle Ė adapt your message to fit any and every occasion Ė engraved wine is a really special birthday present for friends and family who enjoy indulging in wine. Add some engraved wine glasses and a gift box to create a personalised wine set?

Engraved Whisky and Engraved Vodka If you would like a great engraved gift for him, especially if he enjoys drinking vodka or whisky, then we recommend a bottle of engraved whisky or engraved vodka. The whisky is a blended scotch whisky and the vodka we use is a house vodka bottle. Why not add some engraved shot glasses, or engraved vodka or whisky glasses to complete you whisky or vodka gift?

Engraved Frames - There are a number of photo frames, which can be personalised with your own message, perfect for personalised birthday gifts. There are many oak finish, wooden, black and glass engraved frames to choose from too. The photo frames come in a range of sizes (both landscape and portrait) and are made of a variety of materials, which will look great in all types of homes.Choose your favourite birthday frames and add your personalised message - simple!

Personalised Clocks - Get free engraving on all personalised clocks including desk clocks and desktop clocks suitable as unusual birthday gifts. Personalised clocks are great engraved gifts for birthday presents for grandparents.

Engraved Pens can be given as engraved gifts for couples, but also as individual gift ideas for him or for her, we have plenty to choose from, some engraved pens, which are biro, others are fountain pens, but there are also engraved pen sets to choose from too.

Engraved Champagne Flutes We have a huge range of engraved flutes to choose from; you can pick single engraved flutes, or a set of engraved flutes. If you are searching for personalised birthday gifts, then you may find our birthday flutes selection will provide you with an ideal engraved gift. We have many engraved champagne flutes with modern and traditional designs, some silver champagne flutes, other glass champagne flutes; they are all presented in a gift box and will have your engraved message on them upon arrival.

Engraved Tankards - We provide a selection of personalised tankards including glass tankards, half pint, pint tankards, pewter tankards as well as mini tankards. These engraved tankards make perfect personalised birthday presents for him too.

Engraved Wine Glasses - We are specialists in birthday wine gifts and one of these specialisms, therefore lays in engraved wine glasses. There is a selection of wine glasses to choose from including engraved silver wine glasses, engraved crystal wine glasses, large and small wine glasses too in sets of double and single personalised wine glasses, to suit many budgets and tastes.

Engraved Gifts make special keepsake gift ideas for him, for her and for children. We offer hundreds of engraved gift ideas and engraved presents, so browse through the complete range to find the perfect personalised birthday gifts that will be sure to impress. Each engraved gift comes with free UK delivery, so buy online at BirthdayGifts-Shop.
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Buy Engraved Gifts for birthdays as unique and unusual gift ideas. Hundreds of engraved presents to choose from with Free UK delivery.
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