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How to Celebrate an 18th Birthday in Style

Celebrate 18th Birthdays in Style with our Tips

Your 18th birthday is an important landmark, and so it is nice if friends and family help to celebrate in style, one way is to purchase special and unique 18th Birthday Presents. Once you reach 18 years of age, there are now many things you can legally do that you couldn't do before. You can vote, get married without your parents' permission, drink alcohol and sign legal documents. Another way, other than 18th birthday gifts to celebrate this milestone is an 18th birthday party - and we have all the best 18th ideas rights here...

Celebrating your 18th birthday with parents
You may have two 18th birthday celebrations; one with your parents and one with friends. This birthday is not just an important day for you but it is also an important milestone for parents too, so don't deny them the chance to celebrate it with you. Why not book a table in a fantastic restaurant and ask to be the one who orders the wine?

Other ideas for celebrating with parents include: get all the family round and order a huge takeaway; have a barbecue (weather permitting!); drag your mum and dad bowling, or karting, or get them to take you out to a destination of your choice.

Celebrating your birthday with friends

Now for the real celebration! You and your friends will want your 18th Birthday party to be one to remember, so try one of our top 10 birthday party ideas and let the fun begin...

1. Have a theme night party - theme ideas include Hollywood Stars, School Uniform, Fancy Dress or a one-colour theme
2. Hire a club and dance until you drop
3. Visit a theme park with a group of friends
4. Go camping! (Don't forget the wine bottles, beer and champagne - hopefully all your friends will bring champagne gifts for your birthday!)
5. Organise a Prom party
6. Rent a bouncy castle
7. Hire a party bus for the day
8. Head to the beach for a wild 18th birthday picnic - this is weather dependent though.
9. Hire a swimming bath for underwater fun (make sure they have an alcohol license!)
10. Have a Karaoke party at a venue or hire an area in a pub or club.

To make your 18th birthday party go with a bang, why not...

1. Buy disposable cameras to leave around so your guests can snap away all night?
2. Get masks made up of your face and get everyone to wear one?
3. Put photos of the person whose 18th birthday it is around the room - the more embarrassing the better!

No 18th birthday party would be complete without alcohol. If you are celebrating with friends, why not splash out on a case of champagne? If you are going to get drunk on your 18th birthday, you might as well do it with style! There are many great drinking games for an 18th birthday - just remember to drink responsibly. You are an adult now!

With an 18th birthday being such an important milestone birthday, I hope those friends will get you gift to remember! Afterall you only turn 18 once! Champagne makes a great gift and is the perfect drink to add to the celebratory atmosphere, so give your friends some hints and let them know you want champagne gifts as birthday presents. Hopefully one of them will get you a bottle of engraved champagne.... don't open that bottle though as engraved champagne gifts are a dime a dozen! You wont be getting many of those kinds of champagne gifts on a regular basis! If you're friends are really lovely, they might also choose to give your some personalised 18th birthday champagne

Date posted: 05/07/2010

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18th Birthday Engraved Champagne Glass with Glitter Butterfly
Star rank:
Shirley Rush (04/11/2013)
Engraved Pink Champagne
The champagne present made my daughters friends day. Thank you.
Star rank:
Doris (20/09/2013)
Rose Engraved Wine
Bottle of wine very nice,engraving done to a good standard. not only just for the ladies. suitable for anyone who like rose wine.
Star rank:
Spikey (20/08/2012)
18th Birthday Bottle Box
Star rank:
A customer (07/05/2012)
18th Birthday Champagne Glass Purple
My daughter was so pleased with this glass. It will be something for her to keep and look back on in years to come. The quality was exceptional.
Star rank:
Angela Suggett (02/03/2012)

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